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Introducing Tonic Unity - sliding scale fees

What is it?

I believe self-care should be accessible to as many people as possible and with this in mind I have decided to launch Tonic Unity. It is a commUnity focused offering that will invite people to access treatments that would otherwise be unable to afford it. 


From August 2022 onwards, I will create space for a number of 60min Tonic Unity appointments, with a sliding scale of up to 50% off the usual price. This means you decide what you would like to pay, no questions asked.


How it works -

Simply get in touch and request a Tonic Unity treatment to see if there is any availability that week/month and we can get you booked in. Spaces will be limited but may be available last minute so feel free to get in touch anytime.


Obviously for Tonic Unity to work, I require honesty and decency. I trust that everyone will respect the intention and not take advantage of my offering.


I want to reach as many beautiful humans as possible as I know that times are tough right now. Let's look after one another... PLEASE, please share Tonic Unity details to anyone who might benefit.

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