Gem Tonics are a range of CRYSTAL INFUSED OILS.

I offer a selection of treatment oils that have been infused with different crystals and their powerful energies.

Each blend has been carefully curated to focus on a particular area. Here you can choose a GEM TONIC to compliment your treatment -

LOVE - To encourage self-love, protection and self-confidence and internal balance.

Crystals include - Rose Quartz, Golden Healer and Aventurine 

RESTORE - To promote metaphysical healing, of the mind, body and soul. Protection and purification.

Crystals include - Chrysoprase, Amethyst and Smokey Quartz 

FERTILITY - To boost inner strength and pranic energy, whilst reducing tension and stress.

Crystals include - Shiva Lingum, Moonstone and Carnelian

VITALITY -To stimulate mental power and focus. Cleansing the chakras, bringing joy, enthusiasm and success.

Crystals include - Jade, Natural Citrine and Blue Lace